And Now, The Economic Crisis Prevents My Lychees

I took this photo because I was really excited to finally find fresh looking lychee in the States- at a random chinese import store near Scottsdale, Arizona.
I took this photo because I was really excited to finally find fresh looking lychee in the States- at a random Chinese import store near Scottsdale, Arizona.

It might just be possible that the reason I will not enjoy lychee is because of the “new” economic crisis (aka the crisis that people can’t deny anymore so it has led to everyone getting over-excited). According to Cirac, a research body in France,

The season started against the background of the international economic crisis and this encouraged consumers to focus their food purchases more on staples. The accumulation of arrivals soon resulted in the forming of stocks and this was not good for fruit quality. Given this situation, many European importers slowed or provisionally halted their supplies and tried to clear the fruit they had already received.


Lychee is undeniably one of my favorite fruits, but one I have had the pleasure of enjoying only on my visits to Bangladesh growing up. We have tried the alternatives- the canned versions, the so called “fresh” imports found in the local chinese markets here in the U.S.- but they don’t live up to those bundles sold on the streets of South Asia. But even this summer when I was in India, I could rarely find it, the season lasting about a month and then becoming ridiculously expensive because supply was low. When I went to visit Bangladesh during the summer from India, my mom was able to buy it once, a 2 k kilo bundle, even then from one sketchy stall in the city for about four times the price it should be. I ate most of that.Finished in two days.

So if Cirac is correct, what does this mean for those farmers in the tropics that only grow frits and vegitables that are so exotified in the West? Well, its called a global economic crisis for a reason.

Meanwhile, I guess I will have to find more alternatives, like spending what I make working 3 hours as a student assistant for a gourmet desert at those posh cafes in the cities. Or this new special made just for Christmas- a cocktail made for TV by Nigella Lawson topped with a Lychee, virgin possible (“When I peel a fresh lychee…I just massacre it”, she states. Yes, me too).

More about Lawson here where even this article starts with saying, “One of the peculiar things about the economic crisis is the way luxury living seems to carry on as if nothing has happened”-

So, I may have to give lychees a rest for now seeing as it seems to be too exotic for a college student’s budget now, but for those who are going on like Wallstreet is still a place for those hip 20-something looking for employment, enjoy.

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