Bye bye Crocs (hopefully)

I am all for freedom of wearing whatever you want and being comfortable to be ‘who you are’. This is America after all. But crocs, those jelly/plastic/whatever they are “sandals” that has been worn by all kinds of people for the last couple of years are absolutely irritating. More than uggs worn by people in Arizona. Celebrities have been unsuccessful in making them look “cool”. Their colors remind me of hospitals, and I cannot phantom how such unattractive footwear are actually worn by millions around the country. And yes, millions- they sold over 100 million pairs in seven years. In 2006, shares were sold to the public, raising over $200 million in the largest stock offering in shoe history. Crocs marketed their $30 rubbers and made millions. Americans gave in.

And not just Americans- when I was in Dahab, Egypt, a small town on the Red Sea popular for European vacationers last March, I found fake crocs in bubble gum pink were sold in convenient stores. Crocs were so popular there were fakes made in China. And my friend bought a pair because she forgot flip flops. I was offended.

The good news- I just read in the Washington Post that last year the company lost $185.1 million and down in millions in debt. So now they have a surplus of shoes and debt that has to be paid by September which may predict will be impossible, especially given the current economic climate where consumers are snapping shut their wallets.

Crocs may be just another trend that comes and goes and we look back years later and can’t believe that people actually wore them. I have tried on a purple pair once but I was too mortified to see my feet look double its size to think about comfort. And those random holes are particularly irksome- and did you know that you can even buy charms to put around the holes? Crocs even replaced charm bracelets for elementary school girls. And the brand telling me that they can be washed in the dishwasher does not make me want to buy them because shoes stomped around the streets and plates I am about to eat off of cannot go together. I agree with the high-heeled New York women I see around my internship site everyday on 5th avenue- functionality does not mean wear-ability. Now if only I could fashion four inch heels like I sleep in them in this city.

To read more:

New York Daily News

Washington Post

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