When a bad lunch affects you for more than 24 hours.

Chatting about the unfortunate experience me and Tarfia had at lunch yesterday at Nando’s (Gulshan 1) where my simple order of vegetables and rice and her chicken wrap meal went very wrong. We had a not-very-exotic spicy mouth, a heart burn, chest pains and watery eyes. And we thought it was going to be a safe, simple lunch out in the city at a place that specializes in grilled chicken.

Tarfia: Do you know why that meal thing at Nando’s sucks so much?

me: why

Tarfia: Not just Nando’s, but when that happens in general?

Because you feel like both a failure and a victim at the same time


me: it is. so complex. omg.

I mean, it is so simple and so sad.

Tarfia: of course

me: And like, you have such high expectations and the venues are so limited. And then it just comes crashing and you don’t want to admit it but then…you have to

and it just…sucks!

Tarfia: I know. And you kind of did it to yourself.

me: (sad face) I don’t even know how to start writing about it.

I don’t know how to undo it.

Tarfia: undo the bad meal?

me: Undo the I-did-it-to-myself part.

Tarfia: That’s the thing

You can’t. You just have to find a way to safeguard yourself from it in the future. Give yourself positive reinforcement.

me: I have nothing positive right now to reinforce myself with. Also, I don’t remember the last time I ate at home. Is this bad?


Even this heavenly drink (only positive part of lunch) did not help the matter.

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